Love has been celebrated since the beginning of time we are reminded 2000 years ago even Jesus himself celebrated love (many different times) but in one event documented in John 2:1-11 when at a wedding he tuned the water into wine. This brought us to our place in loving others and that answer is to help celebrate life’s events- if Jesus celebrated in everyday tradition such as attending a wedding or a weekly meal than it is important to celebrate these things. There are many event rental places out there, there are many venues to rent for your special event, there are many event planners out there to help you make your event perfect, our place in the event world is to help those that have a limited budget but yet want to celebrate the biggest and best way possible no matter what that looks like to them!. We do believe love can be celebrated anywhere (and should be celebrated any and everywhere) how ever there should be an option for people that do not have thousand and thousands of dollars to spend on a celebrating love and we want to be that “backyard event” option. At BackYard Event Rentals we are here to help you celebrate the moments of life the best way possible! “We are really here for the memories”!