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5 unforgettable ways to celebrate the one's you love!

If you have not figured it out yet, life is short. One thing that I have learned over the years is that it is so important to celebrate those that you love. That doesn't mean you have to throw elaborate expensive parties. What it means is that you have to make that person feel special and invite those that you love to join in on the celebration. We often look at Pinterest for ideas that can quickly become overwhelming and out of reach for most of us. There are way more authentic-simple ways to celebrate.

Here is 5 ways to throw a simple party to celebrate those we love the most.

1.A good ole fashion, classic dinner party. Add their favorite food and favorite people, but here is the catch to this, set up a special table. This can be one you already have or rent an 8-foot-long table (that's my go to) but of course you might need more than one. Set up in the yard, make sure it's a wooden table, no cheap plastic tables allowed at the dinner party. Add candles. My favorite spot for vintage candle sticks is Goodwill. A trick I learned from a famous customer is get sheets or blankets and use that is your tablecloth. And go overboard with Candles, Lights and Fresh flowers, this will make the table extra special and a memorable night for the one that you are celebrating.

2. Add some fun setting to the table you already have or the table you rented. You can rent many styles of chairs, for a small dinner party a lot of people like Chiavari chairs these usually rent for about $5 a chair, these are always too fancy for my people. I prefer the white padded garden chair that rents for about $2. I also love all things vintage, so goodwill vintage wooden chairs are a staple at my birthday dinners. Either way remember this is a special occasion so something you don't use every day.

3. Rent a tent for your back yard or driveway. a tent keeps people out of your house and places the event location outside. It adds an intentional space for your gathering and defiantly will make your loved one feel celebrated. Tents can be a little more pricy than other options. They can run from $200 on up to well over a $1000. one thing that I would recommend if you find one on Facebook for a cheaper rate skip right past it, it is not a commercial party tent, it is what we refer to as a harbor fright tent special. It will not withhold rain and wind and will look very cheap. Also don't forget to add lights to your tent, this takes it up easily to another type of fancy.

4. Ballons! Need I say more. Who doesn't smile when there given a balloon? Ballon arches can be expensive if you hire someone to do it. Believe it or not balloon arches are really cheap and easy to make yourself. It will just take a little bit of labor and you can have yourself your own balloon arch that will make anybody feel celebrated. I will tell you the main thing you need isn't the balloons but the balloon pump and a vision!

5. Take a special trip. I am fortunate enough to have summer and spring break babies. We often choose to take a quick trip to the beach for Birthdays. We have done Disney for milestone birthdays, this year for my son's 13th birthday which happens to fall on Spring break we are going on a 5-day cruise. This did take some saving; I have a large family so it was around $5000 but I believe it will be the ultimate memory maker for all of us. We choice a carnival cruise that offers a program called uplift where you can finance your cruise with no interest making it more reasonable than other cruise lines.

There are other ways that you can make one feel celebrated on their special day, these are of course just some easy simple ways that I know can help others feel so loved on their special day. The most important way to make one feel loved is setting beside the intentional time to honor them! Oh, yea and don't forget the Birthday Cake!

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