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7 simple & easy ways to make your football party a touchdown this season.

The Weather is getting cooler (well unless you live in the south). However, the vibe is changing from flipflops and swimsuits to firepits and pumpkin spiced everything.

It also means Football season! Chances are you are cheering for your favorite team on Saturday or Sunday or maybe both days, we all know it turns in to a party.

And the easiest way to turn Game Day into something special that will be a touch down for everyone, (I know that was cheesy) is the game day Table and Decorations.

I have learned over the years how to make it simple, easy and budget friendly.

You need a designated table for your main game day table.

You can rent one (I have to tell you that since I am in the rental business.

Or you can purchase one and keep in the garage for parties (most budget friendly idea).

Do not purchase a table that folds in half.

Now that we have a designated table lets cover that bad boy.

I found the best football looking plastic tablecloths that got the Job done and I was able to reuse them all season.

If the cheese football themed tablecloths are not your vibe than try solid colors, black, white and brown work well.

Is it even a party without balloons? I think not.

Ballon arches are very easy to do and also very budget friendly. The best thing you can purchase in this life is a balloon pump to help with all the blowing up.

I love to buy the kit and use half now and half later.

or you can do a word wall with balloons like pictured above.

Just go for it never be scared of adding happiness and that's what balloons do!

I like to make things simple an easy when setting out the food, you can find many disposable dishes to use.

Do not be afraid to use a good Jar!

I also love to use a good ole crock pot for that cheese dip and platters for other things.

Consider food like fruit cups, popcorn, Veggies, having them premade in grab and go type containers.

You need a place to keep the beer and cokes cold (I'm from Georgia everything is a coke).

I like coolers that you can place on the table to display the drinks. Or if you have a small fridge, you can place it near the party table and keep the cold ones in there.

I love drink dispensers for that special touch down punch!

Order cupcakes with your favorite team colors, add inexpensive toppers to them and looks like you had them custom made.

If you have a Sams or Costco membership, you can get 30 cupcakes for under $20.

Add a football banner on the front and reuse it all season.

You can also add this to the wall behind the table as well.

Ready, set, hut or is it down, set, hut?!

Either way-Do not stress over the party just make sure you have your table football-party ready, make that your main feature outside of the game of course.

invite the people you like and have a fun time around, yelling for your favorite team.

Share your Football table pictures with us.

And Go Dawgs!

Until Further notice celebrate everything,

Much Love,


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